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Corporate Culture

Asia World factory is famous in manufacturing of high quality  and fashionable stationery products in leather, PU, paper and fabric. These products represented by the intelligence and endurance of workers and designers in Asia World factory are are loved by customers located at more than 30 countries around the world such as, Asian-Pacific countries, Europe, Australia, UK & USA etc.,

Corporate goalsCorporate goals

Customer-oriented, people-oriented, striving for excel quality.


Asia World treasures each encounter with customerand serves them heartily. .


Employees make the core value of an enterprise.

Factory fully respects, and trusts the people working for it, also, the factory adopts "no discrimination" policy and appraise labour matters in terms of Fairness and honesty.

Factory values the pursuit of employees and creates a platform for them to contribute their talent and potential.

Facrory encourages employees to receive training to enhance their own value and provides subsidy for those learning new skills.

Factory has achieved the requirements of the SA8000 standard and will sustain the achievement.

Frank and open dialogueFrank and open dialogue

Factory always advocates frank and open communications among superiors, subordinates and peer works .

Strive for excel qualityStrive for excel quality

Factory requires partnered-suppliers to act correspondingly to factory's objectives and goals.

Factory adopts procedural guidance from ISO9001 to seek improvement on manufacturing procedures, new ideas of product development and innovation on product functions to meet various customers’ needs.

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