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The Future Development Prospects and Trends of My Country's Stationery Industry

Oct. 13, 2020

1. The market potential is huge, and the purchasing power of consumers continues to increase

At present, the annual sales of my country's stationery market is more than 150 billion yuan, and it continues to grow. A large purchase market for stationery driven by small commodities is rapidly forming. With the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, especially the vigorous development of the cultural industry, all kinds of kindergartens and schools pay more attention to the comprehensive upgrade of teaching stationery. At the same time, families and individuals are also paying more and more attention to the cultivation of children, generally pursuing fun and puzzles. Combining learning stationery, the concept of stationery is constantly updated, and the increase in residents' income has continuously increased the consumption of stationery and gradually improved the quality. my country’s stationery industry is facing the opportunity of rapid escalation of consumer demand. The stationery market demand has seen explosive growth driven by the macro economy, the market scale is expanding, and the industry has a bright future.

2. Stationery is developing towards individualization, fashion and branding

With the vigorous development of China's economy and the continuous upgrading of residents' consumption concepts, stationery consumption is developing towards individualization, fashion and branding. There are about 500 million school students and various trainees in my country. With the increase of family income and the increase of students’ disposable income, the student stationery market has grown rapidly, showing a fashionable appearance, diversified functions, hierarchical structure, and diversified grades. The characteristics of.

3. The stationery industry has become an important part of the creative cultural industry

Because of its unique cultural connotation, stationery is closely related to fashion factors and creative culture. The favorite cartoon pictures, animation, games, movies, music, popular colors and other fashion elements of preschool children or students can be used in a variety of new stationery Be fully reflected. As a natural carrier of creative culture, the stationery industry is integrating with the creative design industry, animation and game industry, high-end arts and crafts industry, etc., becoming an important branch of the creative culture industry, with broad development space.

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The Future Development Prospects and Trends of My Country's Stationery Industry

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