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Velvet A6 hardcased notebook

Product name: Velvet A6 hardcased notebook

Brand: Laurel/ customized logo can be added

Size: A6/155*118*30mm

Number of pages: 200 pages

Materials: Velvet material, eco-friendly paperboard, 100 gram imported acid-free paper, ribbons, etc.

Item No.: AW-N0008

Product Description

Yawei Stationery’s Velvet A6 hardcased notebook uses imported acid-free writing paper , which is which is eco-friendly and protects vision while eliminates ink seeping. The inner pages are first sewn and then glued, so the pages stay flat and will not come off; a fabric ribbon is fixed as a portable bookmark, more humane. The cover material is velvet which is soft, comfortable and has good air permeability.

This notebook fits the need from businessmen, and also suitable to act as a souvenir for a company’s opening ceremonies, annual meeting record book and other commemoratives etc.

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